RNG Plays GameBoy

Here is a little project we decided to do for fun. RNG Plays GameBoy allows you to play a Game Boy game with random inputs in your web browser. Today, we only use the game Pokemon Red as demo (because we don’t have any idea of another game to use…).  The state of your game is automatically saved when you close the page and is restored at the next opening.

As you see, all inputs are random but if you want to help your character, you can still use your keyboard to control him. After 1 or 2 seconds of inactivity, the random mode becomes enabled again.
This is the key-mapping:
pad: directional keys
a: x
b: z, w
start: enter

Run the games where you want

To run the game on any web browser, just go to this url:
Some parameters are available:
audio: 1 or 0 to enable or not the audio;
speed: speed of the emulation (1 is normal speed);
fullscreen: 1 or 0 to enable fullscreen or not;
reset: 1 if you want to reset the save file.
As above, you can include the game on any webpage. To do it, just copy/paste this code inside your webpage:
<iframe src="http://www.takohi.com/data/emul/gb/index.xhtml?audio=0&speed=10&fullscreen=1" height="512" width="512" scrolling="no"></iframe>

Why not as screensaver?

Having Pokemon Red running as your screensaver could be very fun, isn’t?

Fortunately, it can be easily done: just download HTML Screensaver that allows you to use any webpage as screensaver. Then set the url given above and enjoy!

What else?


We got this idea after enjoying watching Twitch Plays Pokemon and Rng Plays Pokemon.
We use JavaScript GameBoy Color Emulator from Grant Galitz as emulator.