New game released – 45 degrees

Here a new game from Takohi!

45 Degrees is a game where you have to lead a sphere threw a tiny path.


The ball is moving by itself, you can only change directions and jump. How far can you go?

To improve yourself, here some tips:

  • While pressing the jump button, the ball will keep jumping after reaching back to the ground
  • You can change the direction taken by the ball after reaching the ground by pressing the desired direction while jumping
  • If you feel you are too close to one edge, you can quickly move in the opposite direction then to the other to be safer

It is currently available on Google Play and will be soon on Windows Store, being currently under review.


[Android] Update for VG Music Board !

Hi Everybody!

Today, the new version 1.5 of VG Music Board application for Android has been released. This version includes new features and optimizations.

Here is the changes list:

  • Notification is now appearing when a music is playing: it allows user to play music in background and come back quickly to the player;
  • Some texts have been changed;
  • New transition effects;
  • Much faster loading (pictures, available albums…);
  • Title at the top of list;
  • Album playing mode is now the default playing mode;
  • Let user go directly to the music library when it’s the first time he’s launching the application.

So don’t forget to update the application on the Google Play Store to get these new features!

Video Games Music Board on Google Play


[Android] Minecraft Clock Widget

New App released on Google Play by Takohi: Minecraft Clock Widget.

Minecraft Clock Widget is a widget to show the current time with the Minecraft Clock design and system. It’s available in three sizes.


Android app on Google Play